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Freelance Article & Blog Writer

Welcome! I'm an educator who writes both fiction and nonfiction.

This is my collection of published articles, blog posts and stories. Need a content writer for your business? Let's connect!

Published Work



I've researched and written blog posts for an Educational Software Company.

Guest Blog Post on

Here is an article I wrote about my first experience Stand Up Paddleboarding.  

This article was featured in Freelancer Magazine

I'm a blog writer for Adventure Mystic

Published Fiction Stories

in Conceit Magazine

Creative Nonfiction

On a lighter note, here is a little "About Me" me in less than 200 words

Creative Nonfiction

A Childhood Memory

About Notes On The Go

I've been teaching for more than a decade, and I'm starting a second career as a freelance article and blog writer. I enjoy other genres of writing, and so this is a portfolio of stories, experiences, research, and a few things I've learned along the way. Feel free to contact me directly about Notes On The Go and the services I offer.  



  • Article Writing

  • Blog Writing

  • Flash Fiction/Nonfiction Story

2 Package Options:


  • 300-700 word article/blog/story


  • 700-2,000 word article/blog/ story

I will include research with

a resources page or two embedded links, two pictures and two revisions.


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