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Notes On The Go

Welcome to Notesonthego!

I'm Shandon, a fiction writer and freelance copywriter writer for hire. I write articles, blog posts, landing pages, and newsletters.  Topics include:

  • Education

  • Working Mom

  • Paddleboarding

  • Food

Happy Kids with Books

About Me

I am an elementary school teacher and writer. I have been writing for nearly a decade and began my writing career as a content writer. I enjoy researching and writing about various topics and using personal experience and expertise to inform, engage, and connect with readers.

I am currently writing my first YA fiction novel, The Wells Wanderer. It has been a test of will and spirit, but I am committed to reaching my goals.

What have I written?


I've written educational blog posts, food newsletters, fiction stories, fitness blog posts, website landing pages, book reviews for Amazon, email campaigns, and research articles.

Think about your business needs and strategic goals, and then let's discuss how I can help you meet and exceed them.

SUP Yoga and Clouds

Writing Services

  • Blog Post

  • Researched Article

  • Newsletter

  • Flash Fiction

  • Website Content

  • Press Release

  • Book Review



Healthy Food


Package for 1,000 words

  • Communication through Zoom/phone  conference or email

  • Research and/or interviews

  • Two revisions

  • Two cardstock images

​   Ready to convert your       traffic into leads and         paying customers?

SUP Yoga Warrior

Guest Blog Post on

Here is an article I wrote about my first experience Stand Up Paddleboarding.  

Published Fiction Stories

in Conceit Magazine

Raw Meat with Rosemary

Creative Nonfiction

On a lighter note, here is a little "About Me" in less than 200 words

Boys Running

Creative Nonfiction

A Childhood Memory

Blog Posts for Adventure Mystic
in Mystic, CT



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